We are two sisters with strong passions for anything handmade – bags and clothes, scarves, watch accessories.  We started with just a few group of woman from local community producing handmade products and share them with those who possess the same passion like us.  Our products are made of reliable materials with full attention to detail and intricacy.

Our LIMINNI products are dedicated for customers who adore high quality handmade products of varied designs.  We stand behind our products and most of all behind our customers.

Aliya & Jasmine


Story behind these SCARVES?

Hand Embroidered Collection

All the patterns are embroidered 100% by hands of women who wants to earn some extra income in their free time after tapping rubber trees.  Starting by drawing an elaborating pattern on fabric, the lady-crafter then manually embroidered it dexterity.  The handcrafted shawls in this collection required time and labor of love to finish the items.  You will experience the attention to detail and the unique of stitchery that cannot be matched by machine work.  You can be sure that each piece of shawls is the only one in the world

Manual Machine Embroidered Collection

The art of embroidery by sewing machine has long been the wisdom of the people in the 3 Southern Provinces in Thailand in the past but has been lost through time.  Today we have brought these things back.  The embroidery is done by the sewing machine but independently designed and operated by local craft-ladies with more than 10 years of experiences.  Although the work is done faster than hand embroidery, the end result is a beautiful, elaborate piece of shawl that you will always like to wear.